Current endpoint responses:

Endpoint Counts by Developer and FHIR Version

All Endpoint Responses

All HTTP response codes ever received and count of endpoints which returned that code at some point in history

These files include the endpoint data over time in JSON format.

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CapabilityStatement / Conformance Resource Size

Resource Count

FHIR Implementation Guides

This is the list of FHIR implementation guides reported by the CapabilityStatement / Conformance Resources from the endpoints.

Implementation Guide Count

FHIR CapabilityStatement / Conformance Fields

This is the list of fields included in the FHIR CapabilityStatements / Conformance Resources from the endpoints.

Required Fields

Optional Fields

Supported CapabilityStatement / Conformance Fields

FHIR CapabilityStatement / Conformance Extensions

This is the list of extensions included in the FHIR CapabilityStatements / Conformance Resources from the endpoints.

Supported Extensions:

Supported CapabilityStatement / Conformance Extensions

Values of FHIR CapabilityStatement / Conformance Fields

This is the set of values from the endpoints for a given field included in the FHIR CapabilityStatement / Conformance Resources.

Field Values

Endpoints that Include a Value for the Given Field

For information about the validation rules that Lantern evaluates, including their descriptions and references, please see the documentation available here.

Validation Results Count

The ONC Final Rule requires endpoints to support FHIR version 4.0.1, but we have included all endpoints for reference

Validation Details

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Validation Failure Details

This is the list of security authorization types reported by the CapabilityStatement / Conformance Resources from the endpoints.

Endpoints by Authorization Type

This is the SMART-on-FHIR Core Capabilities response page. FHIR endpoints requiring authorization shall provide a JSON document at the endpoint URL with /.well-known/smart-configuration appended to the end of the base URL.

Endpoints by Well Known URI support

This is the list of endpoints which have returned a valid SMART Core Capabilities JSON document at the /.well-known/smart-configuration URI.

Map of Endpoints Linked to an Organization

This map visualizes the locations of the API Information Sources which Lantern has associated with a FHIR endpoint by matching an API Information Source (organization name), as reported by a Certified API Developer, with an organization name in the National Payer and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES). An endpoint will have an entry on the map for each version of FHIR which it supports. Caution should be taken when gathering insights from this map as linking an API Information Source to an organization name in NPPES based on reported organization name may not be done with 100% confidence. See note below the map for more information.

The points on the map, below, represent the zip code associated with the primary address of matched organizations. The location reported by NPPES may not be the physical location of the API Information Source serviced by a given endpoint, may not represent a physical location where services are provided, or may not be the geolocation of any individual endpoint. This is especially true for API Information Sources which may have more than one physical location, which may vary by facility type and geographic location.

What is Lantern?

Lantern is an open source tool developed by the MITRE Corporation for monitoring fielded health IT systems’ certified FHIR API endpoints. It gathers availability information and information about FHIR support from endpoints’ capability statements and provides visualizations to show FHIR adoption and patient data availability across the nation. Lantern helps to ensure that patients will have digital access to their data by providing visibility into levels of FHIR adoption as well as FHIR endpoint availability and usability.

What data does Lantern collect, and how is it collected?

Lantern queries FHIR API endpoints that are published in lists made publicly available by health IT system developers, querying the FHIR APIs to establish their availability, and monitoring changes to the FHIR APIs that may signal noncompliance. Lantern gathers and combines data from FHIR API endpoints​, from the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) database for product and developer information, and from the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) for provider organization information and links the FHIR APIs to those products and organizations when possible.

Data Sources, Algorithms, and Query Intervals

For information about the data sources, algorithms, and query intervals used by Lantern, please see the documentation available here.